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t requires.1 Build the base of the glove with a flat red LEGO baseplate. The 16--by--16 baseplate works best for the project. 2 Line 2-by-3 red LEGO bricks around the edge of the baseplate. If you have a 2-by -2 rounded corner red brick, use one in each corner to make the wrist look more lifelike. 3 Layer a seri es of green LEGO bricks on top of this layer. Use the same amount of red bricks you used for the bottom brochure templates free download for microsoft word layer. Continue to use the rounded bricks for the corners. Alternate between the layers until you have t hree green layers and three red layers. This creates the edge of the sleeves for Freddy. 4 Connect two 8 how old is vinny on jersey shore -by-11 gray plate pieces to the top layer to build the base for the claws. 5 Use a four-sided LEGO piece .

iece to extend the left side for the thumb of the claw. 7 Add a flat-edged slanted cylinder piece to eac h of the four-claw cylinder base. This will create the look of Freddy's knifes. Place them all in the sa me direction so they look even. 8 Attach a brown LEGO piece on the hanging edge to represent a gloved th umb and complete the creation.Design Your Wedding Dress Players choose wedding dress styles and textures how to download fonts from dafont into microsoft word in "Design Your Wedding Dress," accessible at the Games2Girls site. When perusing the Gowns, Veils, Bou quet and Shoes categories, players click the Back and Forward arrows to choose a style they like best. P how old is vinny on jersey shore layers may customize the color for gowns and shoes by adjusting the color bar up and down any or all of .

ddingdress PC and Video Games Six brides and their weddings receive the design treatment in UBI Soft's " Imagine Wedding Designer," available for the Nintendo DS platform. Players design every aspect of six we dding ceremonies, each with a bride who has differing tastes and styles. Not only do players design the wedding dress, but they also take responsibility for flowers, hair and makeup, invitations, music and we change start menu icon to apple dding venue. Players also choose the wedding party and their outfits, and may unlock new accessories, ch aracters and clothing for each satisfactory wedding they design.Players get to plan their own big day in how old is vinny on jersey shore ValuSoft's "My Fantasy Wedding," available for various Windows systems. Components that players choose .

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