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sign-up page. See Resource 2. Remember to cancel your free trial to the digital subscription after you h ave signed up for the print edition. If you don't do this, you may be billed at the end of the free tria l.1 Assemble the man who will be the captain of your Lego boat. You need hair or a hat, torso and legs. 2 Chose a suitable bow for your boat and snap it onto gunwales. 3 Create a command center, or bridge, by dotted handwriting fonts putting together three pieces: a triangle with grooves instead of a bump, a flat piece with two bumps a nd a thin, smooth piece for the top. Snap the command center just behind the bow. 4 Make the stern of th jersey shore council boy scouts of america e Lego boat with a triangle piece with grooves instead if bumps, a flat piece with two bumps, a flat pie .

the Lego boat behind the command center. 5 Snap on a piece that looks like the arch over a swamp boat's fan and create a tiller by snapping together a piece that looks like the top of a baster with a tiller. Attach tiller to one side of the seat. Install a second tiller the other side of the boat as well. 6 Ad d an antenna and install your captain. Now you have a fetching Lego boat.1 Place two of the 3/4-by-36-by edit page icon -72-inch plywood sheets on a work surface. These are the sides. Space the sides approximately 36 inches apart so that they are parallel. Place one 3/4-by-34 1/2-by-36-inch plywood sheet between the top and bo jersey shore council boy scouts of america ttom of the sides to form a box. These are the top and bottom of the wardrobe. 2 Screw through the sides .

the back of the wardrobe. Fasten the back to the sides, top and bottom in the same manner as you assemb led the box. 4 Sand the surfaces of the wardrobe. Be sure to sand in the same direction as the grain. 5 Apply a wood finish to the wardrobe. Allow the finish to dry before proceeding. 6 Stand the wardrobe upr ight. Align the garment bar approximately six inches down from the inside edge of the top. Position the dosh textures bar in the center of the width of the wardrobe at approximately 18 inches from the back. Screw the mount ing hardware into place and slide the bar in. This is a bar to hang clothes on. 7 Adjust the tension rod jersey shore council boy scouts of america for the front curtain so that it will fit tightly between the sides at the top of the front opening. Sl .

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