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orner, but with a different side so you will end up with two lines that intersect where they are both 1- 1/4 inches away from the sides. Draw the lines lightly as you will only need them for a little while. 4 Apply the carpenter's glue to the end of one of the 3-by-3s and place it in the corner where you drew th e lines. The corner of the 3-by-3 that is closest to the corner of the desk should be over the point whe microsoft brochure templates free re the lines intersect. Use the lines to ensure that you are installing the 3-by-3 parallel to the sides of the desk. Repeat this entire process for the other three corners. 5 Measure the distance between the jersey shore community outside edge of one of the posts you just installed and the outside edge of the furthest adjacent post. .

-by-4 equal to this measurement. 6 Place carpenter's glue along one of the long edges of the boards you just cut and place them around the outside of the 3-by-3s, forming a rectangle. 7 Place an angle bracket so that it has one side touching the bottom of the desk top and the other touching one side of a 3-by-3 , inside the rectangle you just made. Hold the bracket in place and drill a 3/4-inch wood screw into eac 3d charactor modelling torrent h hole on the bracket. Some brackets may only have two holes, while some may have four. Apply another br acket to the adjacent side of the three-by-three. Then complete this process on the other three corners. jersey shore community 8 Use an angle bracket to attach each of the four boards that make up the rectangle to the bottom of th .

t is, or sand and stain it if you desire.1 Purchase four plywood boards measuring 4-feet-by-3-feet and o ne board measuring 3-feet-by-3-feet. A local building supply store should be able to cut your boards to size at no extra cost. 2 Cut a rectangle shape from the bottom center of one of the 4-foot-by-3-foot boa rds, placing the rectangle along one of the 3-foot long sides. Use a hand saw to make the cuts and use a custom 3d models yard stick to make the rectangle 3-feet tall and 2-feet wide. This will act as the doorway of the playh ouse. 3 Sand down all five boards with sand paper, smoothing out the freshly cut edges and removing any jersey shore community rough patches from the surfaces. 4 Nail together the four 4-foot-by-3-foot boards to make a four-sided, .

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